Reasons to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist on your wedding day

I’ve wanted to write blog posts for my website for quite some time now. But we all know how those things go…you have an idea that seems great in theory but actually putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard?) isn’t as easy as I thought. I am definitely not a blogger, I’m not much of a writer in general but I wanted a place where I could document thoughts I have on makeup related topics. I want to have a spot for my clients to refer to when looking for product recommendations, reviews on new products, and just general beauty/makeup info. I’m no expert but I have been in this field for years, done ample amount of research, worked for top makeup companies and brands, and am completely obsessed with all things makeup.

Now onto the thoughts I want to get out…Recently I attended my first 2 bridal shows which felt like a big step for my business and me! I got the opportunity to talk with literally hundreds of potential clients and I definitely learned a thing or two throughout the process. I found myself selling my skill and talent to clients basically trying to convince them that I was a great makeup artist and worth their hard earned money. But in retrospect, I realized I should have been selling the importance of hiring a makeup artist for their wedding day (hindsight is 20/20, amirite?) I realize now that not everyone understands why they should hire a makeup artist for their wedding day when they could just do it themselves for a lot cheaper. So I compiled a list of why it is worth every penny to hire a professional makeup artist on your wedding day!



Your wedding day is going to be an extremely busy day that is often stressful- in a good way though. The last thing you want to worry about is doing your own makeup and doing it correctly. Even if you’ve been practicing, there’s no telling how prepared you’ll actually feel on the big day (think pre-wedding jitters, shakey hands + eyeliner=YIKES!) This is your day to get the celebrity treatment. Sit back, relax and leave the rest to the professionals


All your closest family and friends will be there to help in preparing for your big day. Don’t worry about having to fuss over your own makeup but instead focus on this time with your loved ones. With a trial run before your special day, rest assured you and your wedding party will look exactly as you envisioned.

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Whether you’re going for a dramatic or natural look a professional will know exactly what colors work best with your skin tone, what will look best in photos, and how to enhance your favorite features. Getting your makeup done professionally doesn’t mean you need to look “made up.” Whatever look you’re going for, be confident that you’ll look flawless and comfortable from the first kiss to last dance.


There is a huge difference between drugstore makeup and professional makeup. You will appreciate the difference when a pesky zit or dark under eye circles appear on the morning of your wedding! You will notice a dramatic difference in how long the products wear on your face as well. Professional makeup artists invest a lot (and I mean A LOT) of money into their kits to ensure the best quality and most variance of products to please each and every client.


Imagine how confident you’ll feel walking down the aisle knowing you look your absolute best. All you need to worry about is saying “I Do” not if your foundation is blended properly or if your fake eyelashes are placed correctly.



You will be photographed more on your wedding than any other day of your life! Let your beauty and confidence shine through in photos for years to come!

Overall, investing into a professional makeup artist for your wedding day is something you will not regret. You are spending a lot of money on videographers and photographers so make sure you get the most out of those memories by looking your absolute best on camera- and in person too! Everyone deserves to be pampered like a celebrity at least once in their life and what better day to do it than on your wedding day!

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